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Once I (Meehna) published articles on Roger Cruz, I acquired several demands to have an article on &quotindependents.&quot By popular demand, here you go:
A completely independent watch manufacturing company brand isn’t a simple concept to define because you will find a lot of shades of grey when attemping to define it. You will find plenty of brands which are considered independent, as well as the reasons want to know ,, I’m mentioning to brands which have been established by actual watchmakers, who themselves pretty much result in the watches.
Furthermore, the watchmakers under discussion possess the abilities not only to focus on probably the most complicated of actions, for example tourbillons and minute repeaters, those are the creative pressure behind their companies. They be capable of design and make a wrist watch in the ground-up, generally manufacturing their very own actions or a lot of the parts contained therein.
All watch brands which make their very own watches have watchmakers, but they are frequently not run by watchmakers, and therefore are most of the time a part of bigger groups. So any brands area of the Richemont Group, Piece of fabric Group, Sowind Group, LVMH, etc… could be disqualified from being considered a completely independent. Again, this regards independent brands which are watchmakers.
Independents are a significant part from the horologic landscape. They represent an alternative choice to the large brands and reflect the personality and goals of the person or perhaps a select few. Generally, these independents cut their teeth in the large brands, getting their experience and honing their abilities. After a while, they might feel restricted and wish to pursue their very own ideas. As Roger Cruz once explained, you are able to Panerai Power Reserve tell the concerns and concentrate of the watch manufacturing company by searching at his movement.
You need to know, I joined seriously into the field of haute horlogerie with the independents. When buying my first ?real? watch, I needed something which was a little from the beaten path and various from what others used on the arms.
The main distinction between a completely independent logo and one which isn?t is autonomy for making financial and inventive choices. You will find three large
luxury groups that represent nearly all watch brands available on the market. Individuals are Piece of fabric Group, Richemont and LVMH. Underneath the auspices from the luxury groups, companies for example Breguet, Panerai and Zenith get the advantage of the generous budgets, providers, R&ampD and manufacturing abilities controlled through the parent company.
While these perquisites could be greatly advantageous for any brand, they may also be restricting. Choices must trickle lower a lengthy type of professionals before implementation. This could alllow for progress a snail could outpace, departing gifted watchmakers frustrated and frequently stymied if their ideas are vetoed. Think about the chilling effect that the &quotdesign by committee&quot can lead to. Actually, for the most part large brands, an advertising and marketing department person provides extensive input into designs, suggesting ideas and directions to pursue.
Another distinction between independents and brands possessed with a group is just one of identity. Whenever a watch manufacturing company works in a brand, she must follow the established codes of this brand. If he pops up having a design or complication that doesn?t fit inside the structure of the organization?s historic roots or future direction?however good or exciting it might be?the concept just can?t move ahead.
You can now understand why nearly all independent watchmakers creating their very own actions are refugees in the large companies. A few exceptions spring to mind, for example Felix Baumgartner of URWERK and Roger Cruz of his self named brand. Straight from the watchmaking industry school, Baumgartner began for themself while Roger Cruz apprenticed with George Daniel. Read much more about Felix here and Roger here.
The independents don?t think about the brands the evil empire at all (a minimum of not usually), plus some even undertake projects together, for instance in things like movement development or complicated devices like tourbillons and minute repeaters. Most independents I?ve spoken with respect the brands hugely for that insightful understanding they possess along with the experience they provided within their careers. The brands gave them the chance to gain knowledge from the best, grow and ultimately mature to some place where they might get out there and create by themselves.
Whenever you purchase a watch from a completely independent, you are receiving the vision of the individual or small group. In this way, you’re purchasing the personality of the specific watch manufacturing company around you’re a watch. Additionally you get a very personal expertise, oftentimes dealing with the watch manufacturing company to co-make your watch. You are able to?capital t just contact Patek Philippe and let them know you?d prefer to purchase the Calatrava however, you would like the initial hands exchanged for individuals about the Nautilus. The independents are prepared to entertain your opinions and personalize the timepiece for your specifications. It?s area of the charm of buying a wrist watch by doing this.
The below list is in no way comprehensive. It’s a sampling of top-level watchmakers who went by themselves to determine their marque. Links will make you other articles discussed them. One other good source for details are Curtis Thomson?s site: world wide web.superwatchesuk.com. Comment below for those who have brands you want to use in their email list.
Lange &amplifier Heyne
F.P. Journe
Laurent Ferrier
Peter Speake-Marin
David Walter Clocks
John Taylor
Roger Cruz
Jean Daniel Nicolas (Daniel Roth)
Romain Gauthier
Vianney Halter
Andreas Strehler
McGonigle Bros.
Jean-Baptiste Viot
Ludovic Ballouard
Thomas Prescher
Armin Strom
Compiled by Meehna Goldsmith, additionally a luxury watch matchmaker
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